Make Your Ordinary Oil Tufoil

                          Did You Know?

Tufoil is the only engine treatment that has ever been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records and certified as the world’s slipperiest lubricant. No one else can make that claim.

Secondly, Tufoil holds 12 patents around the world, both domestic and international. That’s why it’s different from every other engine treatment on the market, currently sold in 17 different countries.

When Tufoil Mixes With Your Engine Oil, two things happen…

1. The addition of Tufoil changes your oil into a highly efficient engine oil treament with an extremely low surface friction. The National Bureau of Standards confirms Tufoil has the lowest surface friction (.029), even lower than Teflon at .04. A complex formula that has never been duplicated in any other engine oil treatment.

2. As the engine runs, this enhanced oil coats the moving parts of your engine and internal engine surfaces. Now all the moving parts of your engine can glide against each other with out causing deadly heat and wear from friction. Once added, Tufoil will become effective after the first 1000-1500km.

The result is a big money savings for you. Better fuel economy and performance, faster cranking speeds under all weather conditions, extended battery life, oil runs cooler, and needs less repairs. This will extend the life of your engine by heat and friction, runs more efficiently and helps the environment by reducing green house gas emissions.

Most oil filters in modern cars pass particles that are smaller than 20 microns.  The colloidal PTFE and soluble molybdenum particles in Tufoil are in the range of .5 to .05 microns and so they easily pass right through the oil filter. This produces a lubricant that coats the internal engine surfaces, there by achieving very low friction and wear characteristics.

In the crankcase, if you’ve never used Tufoil before, we suggest you use 2 ounces for every liter of oil in the crankcase, as an initial treatment. After that, add at least one ounce of Tufoil per liter of oil in the crankcase to maintain effectiveness at each oil change.

Tufoil will make your engine oil stay cleaner, longer, because of Tufoil’s ability to cut friction and wear, so you can extend oil changes accordingly. Your new car warranty will not be effected by its use. New cars or engines should be driven 9,000km to break in the engine and seat the rings before using Tufoil.

Other Tufoil Applications

Transmissions In manual transmissions, mix about one part Tufoil with ten parts transmission oil, (10%) will make it run cooler and shift smoother. Tufoil is too slippery to use in automatic transmissions, clutches won’t work properly.

Differentials Use about one part Tufoil in ten parts high grade differential oil, it’ll run cooler. Tufoil has no known adverse effect on positraction clutches.

Drivers world wide are already using Tufoil. You should be too! As a leader in the lubricants and sealants industries, since 1967, Fluramics lubrication technology has been tested by the U.S. and Canadian governments, leading technical institutes, and engine test laboratories around the world. The results show that Tufoils patented technology produces the lowest friction and wear of any known lubricant.

Using Tufoil Technology, Tufoil has a synthetic base, so it mixes beautifully with your oil, and is fully compatible with conventional or synthetic oils. Once you see for yourself how great Tufoil works, you will want to use it in your lawnmower, boat, or tractor, any gas or diesel engine, natural or turbo charged.

With Tufoil oil additives you will:

  • Get better fuel economy
  • Increase horsepower
  • Cut friction and wear
  • Get easier cold starts for gas and diesel engines

So the next time you change your oil, really change it, into a award winning engine treatment with Tufoil, do it today!

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